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Welcome to JGPWS. The website's title stands for Jason Gonzalez's Personal WebSite. Within this site, you will find CSS and Photoshop tutorials, the What Goes Up amusement fan website and a Web Authoring Notebook I completed in a school course. Enjoy browsing.

*Update: As of August 6, 2007, JGPWS will be using lowercase titles for all of our directory names. For instance, http://www.jgpws.com/Tutorials is now http://www.jgpws.com/tutorials. And the same is true for all of our subsites. Also, the tutorial mainpage has been renamed from tutorials.html to index.html, so it can be located by typing in the directory title.

JGPWS is now hosted by Hostgator. Check it out by clicking the link below.

All images used within JGPWS including the JGPWS logo © Jason Gonzalez. For more information on usage, email the web author at jason.sgonzalez@jgpws.com. (Before sending the email, replace the word "at" with the @ symbol). Please see our privacy policy about ads on our site.