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Technology Used:

  1. Basic Site Requirements
    • The site will support any operating system with at least Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above and/or Internet Explorer 4.5 and above (or any browser that supports the mentioned technologies). Additionally, the browser must support frames, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP and JavaScript.
  2. Network Bandwidth
    • This will be geared toward an external audience
    • The site supports at least a 56 kbps modem
    • This website should work under any connection including dial-up, DSL, Cable, etc.
  3. Dynamic HTML and advanced features
    • There is JavaScript currently within the website, so it is required (to view some pages)
    • There are no Java applet requirements as of yet
    • Style Sheet support is required (for all sections)
    • Third party browser plug-ins are not required in general, but some pages within the 'Portfolio' section may require a Quicktime Player plug-in or Flash plug-in
    • All features are based on open technologies. JavaScripts used on this website should work in all browsers
    • There are no security features, but password protection may be implemented in the future (for members only areas perhaps)
  4. How will readers reach the support personnel?
    • Through specialized e-mail addresses for each section
    • A chat room or forum may be added in the future
  5. Database Support
    • No user log-ins are required to enter any site areas
    • No questionnaires are required
    • As the site grows large, a search system for each area may be required
  6. Audiovisual content
    • The portfolio section may display some video content