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Rendering Blue Slate tile with Photoshop 7.0

Dated: 13 April 2008
Author: Jason Gonzalez

In this tutorial, we will create photo-realistic blue slate tile. This textured surface can be used as part of a 3-D scene in a video game or architectural simulation. We will make this a large size to avoid too much repetition across the texture.

Note: This tutorial assumes knowledge of the Photoshop 7.0 workspace.

  1. Open a new file at 288 x 288 pixels and 72 dpi and Transparent background
    1. New dialog box
  2. We will now fill Layer 1 with color R: 129, G: 135, B: 131
    1. Blue Fill color
  3. Next, we create a New Layer. On the new layer View (menu item) Rulers, right click the rulers in the drawing space, select Pixels. It is a good idea to zoom in about twice and place two guides 144 pixels in vertically and 144 pixels down horizontally. Then by eyeballing, we place two more guides in between the center and outer edges of the drawing space (approximately 72 pixels in from the outer edges) Also place guides in the rightmost and bottom areas near the edges but not touching them. It is pictured below:
    1. Guides placement

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