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Creating Water with Photoshop 7.0 using Layers

Dated: 28 December 2007
Author: Jason Gonzalez

After looking at the instructions for the first tutorial and seeing the finished result (as a Mac OS X background), I realized this tutorial could use some tweaking. And a better way is to use layers so that if we change the background color the same effect would apply. This tutorial assumes knowledge of the Photoshop workspace.

  1. Open a New file at 72 dpi and 288 pixels by 288 pixels (for more working space)
  2. Fill with a blue-green color. I chose R=0, G=168, B=168.
  3. Create a New Layer
  4. With the paintbrush set at size 5 px with a hard edge, we will draw several upside down v shapes (or shapes that look like waves) on the New layer. The color should be white. We try not to touch the edges of the drawing space
  5. Brushes palettewave shapes

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